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Creating Layers in Mixed Media Art

A "keep within reach" Guide for the "What do I need next?" Moments

Part of creating mixed media art, whether it’s bringing together a painting, a collage or a background, is about creating layers. Sometimes these layers flow; other times we need to stop and find alternatives that stretch our artistic ventures. Here we explore a range of methods and techniques that can help in creating layers in your mixed media art.

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Creating Layers Online Tutorial

Posted on Apr 08, 2013

As part of her book launch, Michelle is conducting a series of online tutorials, all bout Creating Layers. There are five sessions,a cross various timezones on Sunday 21 April and Monday 22 April 2013.

It would be great if you can come along and get inrpired with us!

Creating Layers Online tutorial Sessions:

United States, Canada and South America Sessions


European and African Sessions:


Australian and Asia Sessions:
[These are the same sessions as above, shown in this timezone]

mixed media canvas layers tutorial

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If you need help converting the time zones, see the Time Zone Converter Website.
The Unites States sessions are set in Pacific Time (PDT)
The European sessions are set in Paris Time (CEST)
The Australian times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time

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